Campagna Lucchese

Oil on canvas 70 x 100 cm. This beautiful landscape representation of Roberto Pasquinelli fits into the groove of the experience of short and intense Tuscan “Macchiaioli”. The brightness of his palette well plays a wheat field in harvest time, in a large and prospective scenario, with a very elegant cut.The blurred background hilly play with intense color of a group of plants, which attenuate the lyrical sweetness bursting radiance of sheaves of wheat and stubble. The estimated value is of € 3,200.00. Paolo Levi 2013

Estimated prices of works

Dimension Estimated price
20x30 300€
30x40 500€
40x50 850€
60x40 1.000€
50x60 1.300€
50x70 1.500€
60x70 1.800€
60x80 2.000€
70x100 3.000€
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70x120 3.600€
80x120 4.000€
100x140 6.000€
100x150 6.500€
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