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Roberto PasquinelliThe painter of Montecarlo

Roberto Pasquinelli
The painter of Montecarlo

Roberto was born in Lucca in 1955 from a farmers family. After the primary and secondary school he attended the art subjects high school and afterwards the fine arts academy in Firenze where his artistic maturity would come, spread by the encounters of others artists (Saint Alessio School).
The pictorial beginning of Pasquinelli has seen the engagement towards the representation of still lives. Afterwards his art went towards the landscape even if he continued to go along with the portrait painting which he had practiced from he was a little boy. The discovery of sunny colours is linked always with a personal emotion which has inside the desire to communicate to the others love and joy he feels in immersing himself in the chromatism of the nature around him. He exhibits from 1978 and his paintings are present in private and public collections, in Italy and abroad. Nowadays he lives and works in his study of Montecarlo.

Here it is, finally, the model landscapist, to whom nothing slips by of what contributes to glorify the beaty of the cultivated fields, the rows of vineyards and of trees, the green woods, that spot the ridges of the hills until the silent summit which dyes itself of sky. Everything is harmony, everything is poetry.  Mario Marzocchi


  • 1999

    Riviera del Conero (An) Acknowledgement
  • 1999 e 2001

    National Prize Volterra Recommendation on the Merits
  • 2001 e 2003

    Cultural Centre "S.Domenichino" Marina di Carrara 1° Absolute Award of Painting
  • 2001

    Prize "Città di S.Marino" 1° Award of Expressionist Painting
  • 2002

    Prize "Colors of the Bolsena Lake" 1° Absolute Award of Painting
  • 2003

    Prize "Colors of the Bolsena Lake" 1° Absolute Award of Landscape Painting
  • 2006

    Extempore "Terme di Montecatini" 1° Classified
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